Why do owners have a superyacht refit done on their vessel?

Having a superyacht built is a major decision. It implies the future owner spent months and sometimes years in having her designed and decorated to his or her taste. Having their vessel refit is a way to keep the existing yacht and improve her.

Each superyacht refit is unique, and the scope of work will vary based on factors such as the age, the condition of the vessel, the owner's preferences, and any specific requirements or regulations that need to be addressed.

The refit can cover a wide range of aspects, depending on the particular needs and desires of the owner. Different from regular maintenance a refit can be decided to improve some of the performances, to change some of the decoration or furniture. It provides the owner the chance to keep the vessel while giving her a lift.  

While the list of possibilities described here after can be applied to medium-sized yachts or superyachts, the aspects and needs may be similar for both categories. The major difference will be that superyachts often require more extensive and specialized work due to their larger size and more complex systems.

Exterior Refinishing

The most visible refit one can do to a yacht is refinish her exterior. This includes hull painting, varnishing or changing the wood work, changing some stainless steel, and refinishing other exterior surfaces such as the flooring.

Adding, changing or redesigning areas such as the beach club access, the sunbathing area, the deck shower, or enlarging a bar are only a few examples of what can be done so the owner, his family and guests can enjoy the exterior of the vessel as much as possible.

Deck Equipment

The deck equipment also gets to be renewed to upgrade equipment such as hydraulic systems for tender lifts, davits, and other deck accessories.

Interior Refurbishment

Updating or refurbishing the interior spaces is only limited to one’s imagination. Despite meticulous maintenance, some of the carpeting needs replacing while some other areas can become more appealing and create a desired aesthetic aftera lifting.

Changing the furnishing and the upholstery in the cabins, the saloons, and the dining areas, to name a few can rejuvenate a room. Adding or renewing some new trendy decorative elements will improve the comfortable feeling one will have onboard.

The crew quarters are no exception. A superyacht interior refit often includes re-thinking for the better some of these areas designed to be optimised so that the crew members have every available space occupied to be as practical as possible.

Galley and Catering Equipment

The goal is the same when re-doing a galley. As chefs need to have everything handy to deliver gourmet cuisine to the owner and the guests, reassessing the areas proves to be beneficial. Upgrading galley appliances, refrigeration systems, and catering equipment is paramount to meet the demands of onboard dining and hospitality.

Mechanical Systems Overhaul

To maintain optimal performance of the onboard mechanical systems a superyacht refit can include the replacement of engines, generators, propulsion systems, HVAC systems, and other mechanical components.

Your yacht propellers can also require changing or balancing. A well-cleaned and maintained propeller will always perform better than a dirty or bent one. A visual inspection will reveal if it needs tidying up, repairing or replacing. Having your superyacht at the yard for her refit, it the perfect opportunity to check the propellers and take actions if needed.

Electrical Systems Upgrades

To improve automation and control, it’s necessary to upgrade or replace electrical wiring, distribution panels, and lighting systems, and integrate smart technology. This can also include having new LED panels installed in specific rooms or changing some of the ceiling lighting.

Navigation and Communication Systems

Your superyacht refit can be the perfect opportunity for updating or installing new navigation equipment, communication systems, radar, sonar, yacht stabilizers, and satellite technology for enhanced safety and connectivity.

It’s the ideal time for an owner to be sure his vessel is equipped with the latest technology as far as navigation is concerned.

Entertainment Systems

Having a new entertainment system installed onboard can be a lengthy operation as all of the cables need to go behind the wall panels. However, with all the evolution in the sector, it’s essential to plan to upgrade audiovisual equipment, satellite TV systems, cinema setups, and internet connectivity to provide the latest in onboard entertainment.

Security Systems

To protect the vessel and the guests onboard, one can enhance security with the installation of surveillance cameras, motion sensors, access control systems, and alarms to protect the vessel and its occupants.

Safety Equipment

Although a yacht doesn’t need to go to a shipyard to maintain her regular safety equipment, if an owner wishes to replace the fire suppression systems, emergency lighting, and other essential safety gear to meet regulatory standards and ensure passenger safety, he can do while the yacht is undergoing a refit.

Environmental Upgrades

In the last decade, the yachting sector has made enormous progress in preserving the environment and yacht owners are keen to implement eco-friendly solutions suchas waste management systems, energy-efficient appliances, and alternative propulsion systems to reduce the vessel's environmental impact.

To reduce their carbon impact some vessels are seizing the opportunity of their superyacht refit to have other fittings done such as a heat recovery system upgrade, window film application, storage and energy-saving installations.


The cost of a yacht or a superyacht refit will depend on the equipment and the raw materials used in the refit, the duration and the size of the yacht.

To get a better understanding of the pricing, Monaco Marine attributes a project management team which includes a project manager and an assistant for all refit projects. They will help you estimate the length of time and the cost involved in your upcoming refit project.

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