Superior Yacht Carpentry & Bespoke Interior Solutions

From repairs to new builds, Monaco Marine ensures outstanding outcomes that adhere to the highest standards of yacht and superyacht carpentry.

Carpentry and joinery play a vital role in the construction and maintenance of any boat, particularly on superyachts. Flooring installations, teak deck construction, exterior and interior carpentry services, custom furniture fabrication, masts and spars construction, cabinet design and installation, are numerous jobs a superyacht carpenter is responsible for.

Our team provides top-notch solutions for superyacht fit-outs, catering to a range of vessels from luxury yachts to Giga-yachts. Whether you need a comprehensive team of interior fit-out carpenters or assistance with minor repair works, we are here to support your project with high-quality services. Committed to perfection, we are able to undertake projects of any scale in our network of shipyards.

As we examine the current state of superyacht design and carpentry, it is evident that the evolving design trends have prompted yacht carpentry to adapt and craftsmanship accordingly. The interior of modern superyachts often incorporates a diverse range of materials, including wooden floors, carpets, tiles, and glass, resulting in a contemporary house-like appearance. Consequently, our work is to specialize with these various materials and stay connected with emerging market designs.

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As experts in the field of yacht refit, we possess the expertise, commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, and project management skills necessary to cater to the demands of even the most discerning superyacht owners.

Our team of skilled carpentry and joinery experts, supported by a very large woodwork shop, is fully equipped to handle a wide range of projects. Whether it's a minor interior touch-up, plank repair, or a comprehensive and intricate refit like constructing classic masts and spars or replacing entire teak decks, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results. Additionally, we specialize in creating bespoke custom furniture for the interior, tailored to your specific requirements.

Yacht Carpentry

Is your yacht marred by an unappealing scratch or dent? With the passage of time, it's nearly inevitable to escape minor collisions and scrape. See our range of services in yacht carpentry:

  • Interior fit-out solutions (tailored woodworking, cabinetry, and furniture)
  • Repair and refit services
  • Teak deck repair and refurbishment
  • Teak deck replacement services
  • Painting and and varnishing

And more activities.

How do we skillfully transform your vision into reality? Each stage of your project holds significance, starting from the initial consultation right through to the project's completion. Making the right decision is crucial to achieve the desired aesthetic and this can be a challenging task. Our team of yacht carpenters possesses the necessary expertise to provide exceptional service and guide you. Monaco Marine is dedicated to crafting the perfect Ambiance for your yacht!

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