Yacht Shipyard Safety and Eco Responsibility

The yachting industry is taking significant steps to reduce its ecological impact by embracing innovative technologies and implementing green initiatives to clean our oceans, minimise fuel consumption, and safeguard our planet for generations to come.

At Monaco Marine, we prioritise and uphold our core values, which revolve around environmental stewardship and ethical conduct. Environmental consciousness and adhering to elevated standards are integral to our shipyard network. Our clients can rest assured that their yachts will be maintained in full compliance with environmental regulations, contributing to the preservation of our oceans' rich diversity.

Yacht enthusiasts are drawn to the ocean due to their deep love for it, and few industries have a more direct impact on these cherished seas. It is crucial for the entire yachting industry, including shipyards, designers, and engineers, to collaborate in safeguarding the ocean and marine environments by adopting sustainable practices and solutions.

Protecting the environment is a core value cherished by Monaco Marine

Our group has implemented five core principles, internally and externally, to guide our actions:

Avoid discarding anything into the sea
Minimise waste and enhance waste management practices
Embrace clean energy sources
Decrease our carbon footprint
Foster the conservation of habitats, wildlife, and flora

Moreover, our shipyard network holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, underscoring our commitment to quality and environmental standards. La Ciotat shipyard was the pioneer in obtaining ISO 9001 certification for its quality control system and ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management. This set an example for other Monaco Marine shipyards, enabling them to adapt their working methods while considering their specific constraints.

Our team has made significant investments in its seven shipyards to comply with the "Clean Ports" regulations. There have been extensive modifications to the wastewater collection and drainage systems, as well as the implementation of sorting and recycling processes. Throughout our network, we have established working groups to promote the use of environmentally friendly products.

Now, discover more about our Yacht Shipyard Safety procedures:

Yacht Shipyard Safety

Shipyards are inherently hazardous, with teams handling large ships and operating massive machinery. Marine experts face potential dangers, including slips, falls, and exposure to hazardous materials that can lead to severe injuries and illnesses. Yacht Shipyard Safety measures and precautions are vital to ensure the well-being of the shipyard's teams.
We place great importance on the safety of its sites. Risk prevention is a priority, and Monaco Marine has made significant investments in this area. Safety rules are applied by both Monaco Marine teams, crews, and personnel present on the sites. Our internal body, Monaco Marine University, has organised regular training sessions.

At our shipyards, we diligently adhere to a comprehensive set of health and safety standards, ensuring the well-being of our workforce. We are committed to providing educational materials that help raise awareness among marine experts about the inherent risks of their jobs and equip them with knowledge on prioritising their safety and avoiding potential hazards.
At Monaco Marine, yacht shipyard safety is a fundamental notion.

Yacht Shipyard Safety