The Yacht Shipyard

Started in the center of Monaco, the initial single yacht shipyard has developed its excellence to a total of nine locations in the South of France.
Monaco Marine provides complete and comprehensive yacht maintenance and refit services. With a focus on excellence, the facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, advanced machinery, and an experienced team of engineers, technicians, and craftsmen.
The yacht shipyard delivers a wide range of services, including refits, repairs, maintenance, and technical assistance for all types of superyachts and mega yachts. Whether it's a routine maintenance check, an extensive refit, or complex repairs, Monaco Marine's shipyard is equipped to handle any challenge with precision and professionalism.

Monaco Marine

Refit and Maintenance Expertise

Monaco Marine’s skilled team of professionals understands the intricate nature of superyachts and mega yachts. With their unparalleled expertise in yacht refit and maintenance, they work tirelessly to ensure that every vessel receives the utmost care and attention.
The refit services experts team can implement interior and exterior modifications, engineering upgrades, paintwork, electrical and mechanical system overhauls, and more. These services are carried out with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each yacht is transformed to meet the owner's exacting standards.
In addition to refits, the yacht shipyard provides comprehensive maintenance services to keep yachts pristine. Regular maintenance checks, hull cleaning, engine servicing, and system inspections are just a few examples of the meticulous care that the shipyard offers. By adhering to the highest industry standards, Monaco Marine ensures that yachts are always in top shape, ready to sail the seas with confidence.

Unparalleled Facilities

The eight state-of-the-art facilities and one marina have been designed to accommodate yachts, superyachts and mega yachts of all sizes. The shipyard features expansive docks, fully equipped workshops, climate-controlled storage areas, and advanced machinery for any repair or refit project.
Each shipyard is adapted to its location and to the locals who live nearby and have different needs than travelling vessels.
Furthermore, Monaco Marine understands the importance of environmental sustainability and has implemented eco-friendly practices in their shipyard operations. They prioritize waste management, energy efficiency, and the use of environmentally friendly materials to minimize their ecological footprint.

Yacht Shipyard
Monaco Marine

South of france: an ideal location

Situated in the stunning South of France, the shipyards benefit from a prime location. The region is renowned for its glamorous lifestyle, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes. It attracts yacht owners, captains, and crew from around the world, making it a hub of the superyacht industry.
With excellent connectivity, thanks to convenient access to international airports, marinas, and major yachting destinations like Monaco, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez, the South of France makes it an ideal location for yacht work. Trust one of Monaco Marine’s shipyards with your vessel’ refit and maintenance and take advantage of the region's world-class amenities.

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