A Team dedicated to providing the best Yacht Refit Project Management

At Monaco Marine, the essence of our identity revolves around three words: Family, Passion, and Excellence.

  • Family, as the Monaco Marine Group remains rooted in the Ducros family, founded by them and proudly holding sole ownership. Additionally, we extend this familial spirit to our clients, ensuring they are warmly embraced by our team of experts, regardless of their yacht's size or the chosen shipyard within our network.
  • Passion is the beating heart of the yachting industry. Just as yacht owners pour their hearts into their vessels, our dedicated teams are equally passionate about breathing life into these magnificent vessels or rejuvenating them for a new journey.
  • Excellence is our guiding principle as we meticulously work with a diverse array of yachts and with the utmost care.

These core values drive our approach to yacht refit project management.

Tanguy Ducros
Chantal Lemeteyer
David Queva
Françoise Wach

Presently, we introduce you to the leadership team of Monaco Marine:

  • Tanguy Ducros
    The youngest son of Michel Ducros, Tanguy grew up in the family business, fulfilling a variety of roles getting to know the company inside out, before becoming CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) in 2018.
  • Chantal Lemeteyer
    With over 20 years of experience at Monaco Marine, Chantal Lemeteyer serves as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer).
  • David Queva
    Having previously held the position of Shipyard Director, David Queva has been working as the Chief Operating Officer at Monaco Marine for over 4 years.
  • Françoise Wach
    After nearly 20 years of experience as a Human Resources Director, Françoise Wach brings her expertise to the team at Monaco Marine.
Yacht Refit Project Management

The outcome of an excellent yacht refit project management is the culmination of various talents. In this industry, human values, relationships, and attention to detail also play pivotal roles. Monaco Marine consistently showcases its commitment to delivering five-star service in its shipyards, boasting top-notch facilities and personnel.