Yacht paint to protect and maintain the beauty of your vessel

All day long, yacht paint is under attack. Regardless of whether it's the waters of the Caribbean or northern Europe, the impeccable paintwork is persistently subjected to erosion by the forces of nature. Algae and plankton are continuously dining out on the top coat, while sodium chloride from salt water and UV rays are flaking away all paint above the water surface.

Yachts require repainting as a crucial protective measure. While efforts can be made to minimize damage, there is no way to eliminate the inherent risks, making it necessary to repaint yachts every 4 to 7 years, depending on their cruising locations. The repainting process for a yacht is meticulous and time-consuming. When considering the substantial size of a superyacht, the task at hand transforms from arduous to truly monumental. Successfully repainting a superyacht demands a level of skill and expertise that can be likened to an art form.

Our Team knows that you have exceptionally high standards and you deserve only the utmost care and attention to preserve your yacht’s pristine condition.

Yacht paints and Coating : an expertise

Paintwork and yacht coating are all about experience. It encompasses different types, content, and application methods tailored to specific surfaces, and is an integral aspect of yacht maintenance and repair.

The art of painting superyachts lies in the meticulous attention to detail. Maintaining a consistently high standard across the expansive surface area is paramount. Furthermore, the intricacies of the project extend to the choice and application of paint itself. So, how can perfect results be achieved?

At Monaco Marine, our dedicated team of yacht painters located in-house, specializes in a wide range of services including: finishing, refinishing, painting, varnishing, touch-ups, and polishing & protection. We take great pride in consistently providing the utmost level of service and quality, emphasizing open communication and transparent processes throughout the entire project.

To guarantee exceptional outcomes and a flawless finish, our team of painting specialists and project managers adopt a comprehensive and trusted approach for each new project. Every step of the process has been extensively tested and approved to safeguard the integrity of the painting process and ensure a top-quality finish. Date-driven inspections are employed throughout every phase of the painting project, ensuring meticulous oversight and adherence to the highest standards. At Monaco Marine we understand the significance of closely monitoring each step to prevent any issues, and conducting thorough assessments of the boat at every stage ensures a flawless and reflective finish.

Yacht Paint
Yacht Coating

Discover our services:

  • Cleaning and hydro blasting
  • Priming the surface
  • Filling cavities
  • Applying primer and hand sanding to achieve smooth reflections and eliminate pitting
  • Painting the surface
  • Applying clear coats for added protection and shine
  • Yacht coating application

And other activities.