Top things to know before starting your yacht refit

Monaco Marine, an expert in yacht refit carefully plans each project with their clients. The most important part of achieving the perfect refit is to grasp the owner's wishes. Our goal is to support him in fulfilling his wish: getting the vessel he dreams of.

Our shipyards are acknowledged to ensure compliance with regulations and standards so all yacht refits are in agreement with the rules.

Your yacht refit project may need to be validated by the class and the flag, the yacht’s blueprints and her documents are mandatory to proceed with the necessary paperwork.

Monaco Marine’s dedicated project management team can be brought in from the very start of your project, to draw up a plan and advise you on finding the best materials, defining the best timetable and estimating the budget for the work. Involving our specialists from the very beginning will help us optimize your budget, the yacht's downtime and the work of the various trades.

The experts of the Monaco Marine team reveal some of the most important factors to know before the refit season.

Your expectations for the refit

Which improvements do you want to bring to your yacht? Maybe you want to have new technology equipment fitted in, so your yacht will deliver better performances.

You wish to give your vessel a newer look, redo the interior of one of your cabins or change some of the furniture? You may also come with a request which our team will help you find the best solution, such as creating a more enjoyable space (beach club, swimming platform, more toys), or creating a new or upgraded living area. You can also wish to upgrade your living experience on board and while navigating.


What are your priorities based on?

Your primary goal may be aesthetics. A yacht owner needs to have a beautiful vessel, with an impeccable interior and exterior. It’s more than having an appealing vessel, it’s about having a luxurious and comfortable yacht, one that is decorated with taste and reflects your personality and your choice.

Your initiative for having the refit done can be to deal with your yacht’s safety.

Most vessel are certified by a specific class which has requirements to ensure that the safety and security onboard follow some strict rules. As these are regularly updated, you may have to make some adjustments for the vessel to be certified and allowed to navigate.

Last but not least, you may choose to schedule a refit to update some of the onboard functionalities. Adapt your vessel to your needs, and arrange it so that you can enjoy every one of its features.

A realistic budget and timeline

Whatever your project is, you may have an idea of the budget you are willing to allocate as well as when you’d like the work to be finished. Even if our team will help you assess a feasible timeline, you may already have in mind when you’d like to navigate again your newly refitted yacht. Monaco Marine will always provide you with the best timing for your project.

This is the first thing to consider, as you’ll need to reserve your place in our shipyard in advance. The sooner, the better, that way our team is sure to have plenty of time to complete all of the work you want to have done.

As for the cost, you may have a budget which you can’t go over, and our team will help you have your yacht refit project fit into it. We will assist you in selecting the best material and equipment while sticking to the price.

When you choose to have your yacht refit done, you may plan to have different kinds of work done to improve your vessel, however, all cannot be done at the same time. Our team will explain these constraints to you and optimize the schedule accordingly.

On the other hand, because the yacht will be immobilized for some time, it can be the perfect time to have some heavy repairs or maintenance performed. This will make the refit even more cost-effective and will prevent from having the vessel blocked more than once in the year.

Including the Monaco Marine team from the beginning will save you time and money. Our experts will see the opportunity to have some of the work done. Our technical manager Benoît Courcoux recalls: “Once we were doing  a complete interior refit, the owner wanted his boat ready in 6 months, which is a very short time.” It was a real challenge for Monaco Marine. But as Courcoux adds “Because everything had been carefully planned and studied for this project, it facilitated the implementation. We knew exactly what the owner wanted in terms of design and materials and therefore were able to deliver the project on time.

The more information Monaco Marine has, the easier it is to manage the project.

Maintain open and transparent communication with the refit team, including designers, project managers, architects, contractors, and suppliers, to ensure that everyone is aligned on project goals, timelines, and expectations. A successful yacht refit project depends on good communication.

Consider the future resale value and market trend

Last but certainly, not least “when deciding to do a yacht refit, you may be considering its future value for resale. Having a refit done on your yacht will improve the vessel. Whether you choose to improve its performance, aesthetics or technologies, your yacht will come out enhanced and upgraded which will give it added value. A remarkable asset if you choose to resale it.”

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