Monaco Marine a pioneer in water sustainability

True to its nature, Monaco Marine pushes the boundaries of environmental protection by investing in structures and equipment that set the yard apart from other major actors of the yachting industry.
Their certification ISO 14001 is a testament of Monaco Marine’s involvment in limiting their carbon footprint on the environment.
With an investment of over 2€ M done between 2023 and 2024 to some of its shipyards, to save, reduce and recycle water, the group takes its engagement one step further.

This new water strategy project covers 5 important phases:

  • All of Monaco Marine shipyards are equipped with fully grid-lined basins. Fitted with gutters to recover careening and rainwater avoiding the sea pollution.
  • All of the shipyards have one or more decanters or careening treatment systems to isolate the pollutant materials to before releasing into the sea.
  • Pioneer in this equipment, Monaco Marine is proud to have designed a system that recycles careening and rain waters. Fitted in the Antibes shipyard, it filters the water collected in the decanter, so it can be used in daily work before being recycled in water tanks. This will be soon installed at the site in Beaulieu-Sur-Mer.
  • Since Monaco Marine does not used salt water in their karchers, they have experimented with a mobile desalinator. A prototype Atmospheric Water Generator which has a low energy consumption of 1000 m3 / day. Improvement on this is in the works for 2024.
  • All of the shipyards already have all necessary equipment to recover the gray and black waters from the vessels they work on, going directly into the waste water networks. Some future work will enable the recycling of some of the grey waters.

Of course, as Monaco Marine is dedicated to save this precious ressource, the group also encourage and dispense their knowledge on the matter to yacht owners. Giving them solutions to have equipment that enables them to control their water consumption and help them save the use of their resources.

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