Yacht extensions at La Ciotat shipyard

Monaco Marine's La Ciotat facility, covering an impressive 45,000 square metres, represents the height of excellence in yacht extensions. Each year, our shipyard transforms 65 superyachts, extending the lengths of yachts between 45 and 160 metres. Here, your yacht is in the hand of our professional and seasoned technicians, who use the latest technologies and techniques for the best yacht extension in La Ciotat. All you have to do is trust your yacht to the expertise of Monaco Marine's La Ciotat shipyard, where passion for perfection meets maritime tradition.

Choosing a yacht extension with La Ciotat means more than added length; it’s a holistic enhancement of your superyacht experience. We offer end-to-end solutions, from initial design to final brushstroke, executed by our talented boat designers. Hull extensions have become the favoured choice for many, and it's clear why:

  • Cost-effectiveness compared to buying larger yachts.
  • Tailored designs and improved comfort.
  • A multitude of practical benefits, from enhanced fuel efficiency and speed to refined manoeuvrability and aesthetics.

An extended hull augments your yacht's size and elevates its interaction with water, ensuring a smoother ride and potential fuel savings. So why not enhance your yacht and reach its full potential with a La Ciotat yacht extension?

La Ciotat's unique approach to yacht extensions

Every yacht extension begins with design. Our naval architects ensure your vision remains central throughout the process. Given the technical intricacies of extending a yacht, it's essential to entrust the task to seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of each decision.

At our La Ciotat facility, we prioritise yacht owners' aspirations. We aim to redefine the maritime experience by enhancing every facet of your yacht. From modernising outdoor spaces to reconfiguring interiors and incorporating technical upgrades, we transform not just the vessel but the essence of yachting.

Here are some of the facilities and services at La Ciotat for yacht extension:

  • Advanced Design Studios: In-house naval architects and yacht designers to bring visions to life.
  • Specialised Berths: Accommodating a range of yacht sizes, facilitating easier and more efficient extensions.
  • Paint Shed: State-of-the-art facilities ensuring high-quality, lasting finishes post-extension for yachts up to 90m.
  • Covered Sheds: Protecting yachts from the elements, allowing for year-round extension work regardless of weather conditions.
  • Specialised Craftsmen: Teams with expertise in hull modification, deck extension, and superstructure alteration.
  • Technical Upgrades: Incorporating the latest maritime technologies during the extension process.
  • Customised Interiors: Full-scale interior reconfiguration and renovation services.
  • Outdoor Enhancement: Redesigning and expanding outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas.
  • Safety and Compliance Checks: Ensuring each extended yacht meets the highest maritime safety standards.

In a world where excellence is often sought but has yet to be achieved, let us redefine your expectations when it comes to extensions. Contact us today to embark on a transformative yacht extension in La Ciotat.

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