Madame Kate New Paint

Madame Kate is one of the The Amels Limited Edition 199 superyacht series, designed by Tim Heywood. Each of the four superyachts has a distinct character and their own interior charm, yet, each of them have the same surface monochrome exterior paint except one, Madame Kate.

Angèle Navarro, Project Manager at Monaco Marine, told SuperYacht Times. “After spending a lot of time in the Mediterranean looking for something different, the owner finally decided on a pearly tone with touches of brown metallic and black.”

Madame Kate gets a makeover,
with a brand new bespoke paint job,
giving her a pearly new look.

The brief was to have a pearl soft rendering so Madame Kate new paint would stand out for the other yachts in the Marinas. The owners, involved from the beginning in the design wished to have a futuristic unique looking yacht.

The creation of the paint was a real challenge. Angèle Navarro explains: “The colour is a white pearlescent with fine flakes with light reflected in green, pink tones. She has a specific yet very subtle colour in direct sunlight that makes her remarkably unique."

After eight seasons of wearing the same makeup, Madame Kate wanted a make over.  

"Madame Kate new paint process was complex and expensive, a pearlescent paint with very fine mica,  a transparent gloss through which you can see the different coats. The pearl effect is very hard to obtain, it requires 12 coats in total, which is unusual. If the painter makes one mistake in the pearl, like an air bubble, a runner or that there’s a dust inclusion, he'll have to redo the entire job. That's why this challenging paint process is so exclusive but it provides stunning custom finish.”

Then entire Monaco Marine team of painters worked very carefully so that any wrong movement, or lack of attention spoiled the perfect completed job as every detail was crucial for the final job to be absolutely perfect.

After six months at the La Ciotat yard, Madame Kate new paint was finally completed and that she was able to be handed back to her owner. She arrived in pristine condition at the shipyard, well looked after by the crew and left like a brand new yacht with a stunning new exterior unique colour.

If you’re interested in having your superyacht paint redone, our team of experts will be happy to help you find the perfect finish.